Student Academic Resources Network

Student Academic Resources (SAR) coordinates programs for intellectual enrichment and academic support.  The goals are to foster a community culture that recognizes the relationship between intellectual growth and personal development; to ensure that students know about and are encouraged to seek out appropriate services; and to share information among programs and constituents to ensure the provision of high quality and accessible services that facilitate academic achievement for all students.

Academic Support

Class Deans
Community Service
Accessibility Service
Diversity and Student Engagement
Faculty Team Mentor Program
Graduate Student Services
International Student Affairs
Office of International Studies
Peer Advisors/Dean's Office
Service Learning Center
Services for Non-Native Speakers

Study Resources

Deans' Office Peer Tutoring
Language Resource Center
Library Services and Collections
Math Workshop
Quantitative Analysis Center
Scientific Computing and Informatics Center
Writing Workshop

Scholar/Fellow Programs

McNair Post-BA Program
Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship

Career Resources

Wesleyan Career Center
Health Professions Advising
Pre-Law Advising