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Welcome to the Wesleyan University Parents Facebook Group! This group is an online resource to connect with fellow parents and get news from across campus. To join our group log onto your Facebook account and search for Wesleyan University Parents.

Group members are encouraged to dialogue with one another, share experiences and expertise, and post interesting and relevant Wesleyan photos, resources and updates. Please include your own comments with any links that you share in order to provide context for fellow group members.

Specific questions should be directed to Wesleyan staff by email at A staff member will respond or, if unable to provide an answer, forward the inquiry to the appropriate department. 

Our goal with this group is to mirror the Wesleyan University values of nondiscrimination and inclusion. The discourse here is expected to be respectful and kind to our parents, students and community. Staff administrators reserve the right to remove posts, comments, photos and videos deemed inappropriate, spam or promotional.

While this is a closed group, it is still a public forum and we remind members to be sensitive to your own, your student’s and others’ privacy in what you share on the wall. When posting about your student, please be sure that you consider whether he/she would be comfortable with the information you are sharing. Please refrain from sharing private student information on the wall, such as room number, telephone number and email address. If you wish to share this information, please do so via private message.

Wesleyan staff monitors the group during most regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Membership requests and posts made in the evening or on weekends or holidays may not be approved until the next business day.

Do not post to this group in the event of an emergency or urgent concern. In an emergency, please call the Wesleyan University Public Safety Emergency Line (860) 685-3333.

Please read our Facebook group Code of Conduct below.

Visit the Wesleyan parents & families website for additional information and resources, including staff contact information.

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Code of Conduct

  • The Wesleyan University Parents Facebook Group is a closed forum for communicating Wesleyan-specific information and building community amongst all Wesleyan parents and families with a focus on Wesleyan University related topics.  Members of this group include parents and University staff and faculty.
  • All members are expected to participate with respect and courtesy toward all others in the University community. Differences of opinion are expected; civil discourse with regard to these differences is required.
  • Do not disclose private information, such as medical or contact information, regarding your student or other Wesleyan students.
  • If your conversation is of a personal nature, or one that diverts the discussion thread away from the posted question or comment, consider sending a private message (PM) to a specific parent.
  • Posts perceived as commercial or spam in nature will be deleted. Do not post links to commercial/non-profit products or promotional messages or list private phone numbers - these will also be deleted.
  • If a comment is considered inappropriate or does not follow the Code of Conduct, the moderators and administrators reserve the right to remove it. Please contact moderators at if questions arise regarding the removal of a specific post.

If you have any feedback at any time, please email us at