Equipment Purchase and Replacement for Faculty

rev: December 3, 2012


Any purchase made with University funds remains the property of Wesleyan University including computers, peripherals and electronic devices.

Standard Equipment Assigned to Faculty

Wesleyan purchases a computer (laptop/desktop) for each new tenure-track, tenured, or adjunct faculty member at the beginning of her/his appointment. While the computer remains the property of the University, the computer is dedicated to the exclusive use of the faculty member as long as s/he is employed at Wesleyan University. This machine is supported by ITS' Desktop Support Specialists (DSS). Wesleyan's computer replacement policy allows for the review and possible replacement of hardware every four years.

Upgrades and Additional Equipment

Some faculty members' teaching and research warrants computing power beyond the standard configuration. Upgrades and additional computers will be approved on the basis of pedagogical/research need and the added costs must be funded from sources such as start-up funding, grants, departmental funds, etc. (the central budget only covers the standard configuration).

To request an upgrade, contact Joy Vodak with a simple statement of the research/pedagogical need and the funding source. Once approved, Joy will authorize your Desktop Support Specialist to manage the order and installation.

Pre-approval is also required to purchase peripherals that are already provided centrally by the University (printers, scanners, copiers, etc.) as well as all other electronic mobile devices (iPods, iPod Touches, etc.).

Tablet Computers

For faculty members whose teaching and research warrants a tablet computer, including iPads, the approval and purchase process is the same as for upgrades and additional equipment. As with all other purchases made with University funds, the iPad remains the property of the University.

Process for Purchasing Computing Equipment

  • To purchase computing equipment other than (or in addition to) the University's standard-issue machine, a faculty member must first send a request to Joy Vodak, prior to placing an order, by email, that includes: 

    • A brief statement of the research and/or teaching needs that the upgrade or additional machine will fill. This step is required regardless of payment method (e.g., PCard, Computer Store charge) or funding source, (e.g., start-up funds, faculty research accounts, departmental endowments, grants, ploughback, etc.).

    • Identification of the source of funds and smartkey that will be used to pay for the equipment.

  • Once a request is approved and notification is received by your Desktop Support Specialist, your purchase must be made through the Wesleyan University Computer Store. All computers and peripherals purchased with University funds (i.e., any Wesleyan smartkey) must be purchased through the University's Computer Store. Making purchases through the Computer Store benefits Wesleyan overall through volume discounts, allowing us to purchase standard-issue machines at lower cost. The store provides competitive pricing, capital images/Wesleyan software, and offers competitive warranty and repair services. ITS staff are only required to support equipment purchased through the Computer Store.

    • Faculty may request an exception to this policy by submitting a request to Joy Vodak prior to purchase.

Data Plans

  • The University requires the approval of a cabinet member to cover data plans for cell phones or iPads. If coverage is approved, it must be funded by the faculty member's research funds or departmental operating funds. To request coverage, faculty member should submit a detailed request with identification of the funding source and its smartkey along with a completed cell phone allowance form , to the Provost (your cabinet member) for review and approval. Please cc: Joy Vodak in your request; she will ensure prompt review.