Below is a listing of active large-scale projects which are taking place within each group of ITS. These projects are determined as part of goal setting each year in support of University goals.  ITS also has a set of initiatives for the entire department. See the full listing of the ITS initiatives, please click here.

Academic Computing

  • Moodle Upgrade (Completed)
    • Project Team: Jason Simms (lead), Dan Schnaidt, Miriam Cope, Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret

      Project Description: Upgrade Moodle to version 2.6.3

      Project Timeline: August 2014

      Supporting University Goal:  Invest in technology to support and inspire academic innovation

  • Classroom Upgrades (Completed)
    • Project Team: Heric Flores (lead), Brent Morgan, Rob Christensen

      Project Description: Upgrade classrooms  (see details here)

      Project Timeline: May 2014-August 2014

      Supporting University Goal:  Invest in technology to support and inspire academic innovation

  • Kalliope Language Instruction Quizzing Environment (Completed)
    • Project Team: Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret, Kirby Hawkes, Jolee West

      Project Description: Major re-write of Kalliope ( to integrate with Moodle

      Project Timeline: Fall 2013-Summer 2014

        Invest in technology to support and inspire academic innovation

Administrative Systems

  • Implement Employee Change Forms with Docfinity
    • Project Team: Annette Howard, Dan Pflederer, Darrell Lawrence and Carolyn Pike

      Project Description: Create an Comprehensive Employee Change Form to replace many of the paper forms used today. 

      Project Timeline: 4/24/2015 - 9/15/2015

      Supporting University Goal: Work within a sustainable economic model while retaining core values

  • Master Calendar Implementation (With EMS Upgrade)
    • Project Team: Jane Jylkka, Karen Murphy, Charlotte Bowden, Melissa Datre, Pat Leone, Bill Holder

      Project Description: We will be replacing our current in-house calendar with the EMS Master calendar with an goal of increasing reliability, integration of all calendars and having a clean reliable code line. The exact timeline needs to be developed as we move forward.

      Project Timeline: Phase I 4/24/2014-June 1, 2015

      Supporting University Goal: Energize Wesleyan’s distinctive educational experience

  • BlackBoard Analytics for Student including Student Records, Admission and Financial Aid
    • Project Team: Tom DiMauro, Michael Whitcomb, Anna van der Burg, Scott Houser, Steve Machuga, David Baird,

      Project Description: Implement BlackBoard Analytics Drawing data from the PeopleSoft Student, Slate Admission and PowerFaids Financial Aid Systems. 

      Project Timeline: November 1, 2014 - October 15, 2015

      Supporting University Goal: Energize Wesleyan’s distinctive educational experience. Work within a sustainable economic model while retaining core values.

  • PeopleSoft HR/Payroll/Benefits, Financials and Student Upgrades
    • Project Team: Barbara Spadaccini, Ravi Patil, Rich Langer, Annette Howard, Dan Pflederer, Darrell Lawrence, Gaylord Brown, Carolyn Pike, Tom DiMauro, SmartERP (our WFS partner)

      Project Description: Upgrade and Enhancement of Wesleyan's entire PeopleSoft Environment. Financial System to stay of supported versions of PeopleSoft, enhance the usability of the WFS and decrease our dependence of SmartERP.

      Project Timeline: 

      HRMS, Payroll and Benefits                        June 8, 2015

      Wesleyan Financial System                        January 2016

      Student System                                      March 2016

      Supporting University Goal: Work within a sustainable economic model while retaining core values

  • Pilot eXplorance Blue Teaching Evaluations
    • Project Team: Anna van der Burg, Eloise Glick, Sheryl Culotta, Lisa Sacks, Rich Langer, Steve Machuga

      Project Description: Pilot eXplorance Blue Teaching Evaluations 

      Project Timeline: January 15, 2015 - December 31, 2015

      Supporting University Goal: Energize Wesleyan’s distinctive educational experience. 

Auxiliary Services

  • Projects Coming Soon

Web and Video Services (formerly NML)

  • Brightcove Video Cloud Implementation
    • Project Team: Allynn Wilkinson, Jason Vienneau, Melissa Sullivan

      Project Description: Create a university-wide storage and management system to store and deliver all public-facing Wesleyan video content. This system will allow for easy sharing of video content on the web and social media and it provides a more complete way to track the viewership and success of the 300+ video programs created annually for the university. This data will determine resource allocation, asset inventory and allow us to hone our video programming to more focused audiences around the world.

      Project Timeline: July 1, 2014 - January 15, 2015

      Supporting University Goal: Energize Wesleyan's distinctive educational experience; Enhance recognition of Wesleyan as an extraordinary institution. 

  • ExactTarget Combined eNewsletter for Communications and University Relations
    • Project Team: Melissa Datre, Emily Macleod, Bill Fisher, Adrian Cooke

      Project Description: Working with Communications and Alumni Relations (UR), assist Communications with AmpScript programming to combine the current bi-monthly Connection email newsletter from UComm with the bi-weekly NowOnWesconnect email newsletter using the ExactTarget platform.  ExactTarget will allow for scheduling and tracking of the newsletter to measure efficacy of email newsletters as well as monitor the amount and frequency the university contacts Wesleyan audiences.  From the data, a communication and marketing plan can be developed for a more coordinated delivery of email and social media messaging from the university.  February 2015 is the target month for combining the eNewsletters and delivering them through the ExactTarget platform.  

      Project Timeline: December 2013 - February 2015

      Supporting University Goal: Enhance recognition of Wesleyan as an extraordinary institution; Work with a sustainable economic model while retaining core values. 

  • Mobile-First University Initiative: Responsive Development
    • Project Team: Melissa Datre, Patricia Leone, Jen Carlstrom, Jason Vienneau, Emily Macleod, Bill Fisher, Bill Holder

      Project Description: Working with Communications, Admission and other prominent departments to redesign the Wesleyan homepage, black bar navigation and key department web landing pages into a responsive (mobile-friendly) format.  This involves both significant recoding of web sties within Cascade (the university web content management system) as well as rethinking the presentation of content by the owners, from a mobile-first perspective. Release of the new Wesleyan home page, black bar and 4 landing pages is anticipated by January 2015. 

      Project Timeline: April 2014 - January 2015 (design & development) 

      Supporting University Goal: Enhance recognition of Wesleyan as an extraordinary institution. 

  • ITS Communication Initiative (social channel, website & video)
    • Project Team: Melissa Datre, Jen Carlstrom, Melissa Sullivan, Dave Baird

      Project Description: Working with the CIO and Information Technology Services leadership, develop and implement an ITS Communication plan that communicates IT departmental information quickly, performs outreach regarding new technologies to student, staff and faculty on a regular basis, and allows for transparency of current projects and tasks though weekly updates in the university CATT meeting and by publishing project schedules on the ITS website.

      This year the communication and messaging effort will include displaying projects and key goals for ITS in 2014/15; building participation in the CIO's IT Security Awareness Campaign in the fall of 2014; continuing to engage the Wesleyan community through the ITS social media channels, create video programs highlighting key IT projects; and create an ITS Newsletter (blog) that will add IT news information to the IT website. 

      Project Timeline: July 2014 - June 2015 

      Supporting University Goal: Energize Wesleyan's distinctive educational experience, Work within a sustainable economic model while retaining core values. 

User Services/Technical Support Services

  • Service Now
    • Project Team: Karen Warren

      Project Description: Implement new asset management and incident tracking system. This system also encompasses all aspects of IT Service Management and will be implemented over multiple years. Other facets include tracking of assets, problem management, and capital replacement cycle management.

      Project Timeline: Phase 1 - Sep 2013 - Jan 2014

      Supporting University Goal:

  • Enterprise Wireless LAN
    • Project Team: Karen Warren

      Project Description: Upgrade campus-wide wireless system. Expand coverage areas and upgrade connectivity to utilize enhanced network backbone.

      Project Timeline: Summer - Fall 2014 * Note this depends entirely on funding options and ability to execute entire project. We may pursue a phased implementation.

      Supporting University Goal: