Computer Labs

There are 7 computer labs on campus for student use, and all provide a variety of equipment and a large array of productivity, multimedia, and discipline-specific software. Consultants are on duty most hours. One lab, the ST Lab, is open 24/7 and the Olin Lab is open during Library hours.  To see when the labs are open look here.  For information about printing in the labs look here.

Lab Hardware

Lab Computers PCs Macs BW Printer Color Printer Scanner
CFA Lab 11 N/A (See Mac) 11 (Dual-boot) Yes Yes Yes
HAS Lab 12 12 0 Yes Yes Yes
Language Lab 7 0 7 No No No
Olin Lab 13 9 4 Yes Yes Yes
PAC Lab 40 36 4 Yes Yes PC/Mac
Science Library 12 6 6 Yes Yes Yes
ST Lab 39 27 12 Yes Yes Mac