Advisory Committee

Members Ex Officio Members
Shelly Jones
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Central Connecticut State University
David Beveridge
Wesleyan Chemistry
Holly King
AfterSchool Parent
State Education Resource Center
Cathy Lechowicz
Wesleyan Center for Community Partnerships (CCP)
Ryan Cayer
Board President
North End Action Team (NEAT)
Mari Muri
Retired PIMMS Consultant
Bonnie Koba
Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools
Peter Patton
Wesleyan Earth and Environmental Sciences
Matthew Lesser
Connecticut  State Representative
Rob Rosenthal
Director of the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life
Sara MacSorley
Director Wesleyan Green Street Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)
Steven L. Minkler
Dean of Academic Affairs
Middlesex Community College (MxCC)
Ishita Mukerji
Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Jon Romeo
Macdonough Elementary School
Joe Samolis
Chief of Staff, Mayor’s Office
City of Middletown
Laura Paul
Director Wesleyan Center for the Arts (CFA)