Wesleyan's Department of Government is dedicated to exploring "who gets what, when, and how," as Harold Lasswell defined political science in 1935. The Department might well be called a department of political science or a department of politics; it is called a Department of Government for historical reasons. Department faculty today uphold a tradition, more than a century old, of distinction in scholarship and teaching. Each tenured or tenure-track Government Department faculty member is affiliated with a concentration representing one of the four major subfields of political science.

American Politics

The study of United States political institutions, processes, and behavior.

Dancey, Logan
Eisner, Marc
Finn, John
Franklin Fowler, Erika
Krupicka, Benjamin (2016-17)
Velez, Yamil

Comparative Politics

The evolution of political institutions, conflict, and development in countries around the world.

Haddad, Mary Alice
Matesan, Ioana Emy
McGuire, James (Chair)
Ostermann, Susan (2016-17)
Rutland, Peter
Wiliarty, Sarah

International Politics

How countries interact with one another; the structure of the international order.

Foyle, Douglas
Gallarotti, Giulio
Nelson, Michael
Trager, Joslyn Barnhart

Political Theory

Normative aspects of politics; the history of political thought.

Chakravarti, Sonali
Moon, J. Donald
Schwartz, Nancy
Williams, Liza (2016-17)