Alumni, parents and staff work together to plan and present regional events including faculty talks, museum tours, community service programs, just-for-fun socials, and more. No matter where you live, we invite you to be an active member of the extended Wesleyan family.

Get involved!

We want all of our Cardinals to feel connected to Wesleyan and each other no matter where they are or how big/small their city is - and alumni reps are the best way to make that happen!
Alumni regional representatives are expected to:

  1. Be a point of contact for new alumni to the area or other alumni who may have questions or event ideas
  2. Coordinate events (happy hour gatherings, group tickets for theater/sporting events, etc.)
  3. Attend other Wesleyan-initiated events as a greeter, assist with check-ins, introduce a speakers/hosts (if applicable), etc.

If you are interested in being an alumni representative in your area, please contact Dana Coffin at or 860-685-3756 for more information.