Advisory Boards

Wesleyan's civic engagement centers benefit from the advice and partnership of numerous collaborators.

Allbritton Community Advisory Board

  • Rosalind Adgers, Wesleyan Career Center
  • Monica Belyea, Middlesex Hospital
  • Payl Doyle, State Senator
  • Marilyn Dunkley, North End Action Team 
  • Ceara Ladue, Middlesex YMCA
  • Rebecca Loew, Middlesex Community College
  • Sean Moriarty, Middletown Police Department
  • Adriana Rojas, Community Health Center
  • Pam Roose, Knitting Store
  • Anthony Price '20, Wesleyan Student
  • Joe Samolis, City of Middletown
  • Jennifer Sprague, Middlesex United Way
  • Reginald White, Totalman, Inc.

Allbritton Faculty Advisory Board

  • Peggy Carey Best (SOC)                                          
  • Marc Eisner (GOVT)                                            
  • Cameron Hill (MATH)                                  
  • Katja Kolcio (DANCE)                                  
  • Don Moon (GOVT)                                    
  • Ishita Mukerji (MB&B)                                      
  • Peter Rutland (CSPL)
  • Rashida Shaw (ENGL)
  • Sarah Wiliarty (GOVT)

Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship Advisory Board

Center for Prison Education (CPE) Advisory Board

Green Street Teaching and Learning Center Advisory Board

WESU Board